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Image :  Denise Rix Photographer  | Boranup Forest | Exclusive to the ‘industry’  The Print Store

Image : Denise Rix Photographer | Boranup Forest | Exclusive to the ‘industry’ The Print Store



the concept for #gettingbehinddesign is all about using industry connections to elevate and create greater accessibility to design.

frustrated with other platforms that don’t moderate, or qualify their listings, I took about creating a space to unite #designlovers with #design in a format that was engaging, but more importantly as credible as we could possibly make it.

all features are by invitation and come with 3 industry recommendations behind them.

but isn’t Spreading Roomers all about inclusivity? well yes, but it’s also about credibility for the consumer & lifting our industry at the same time; so anyone wanting to join our community needs to get to know their community.

what makes it so different? this is a platform designed to brighten the brand. whether you join our growing online community or simply love what are about - it’s how we bring people together that counts.

so when you’re ready – take a good look around. this is for the design lovers, industry enthusiasts, believers in community and encouragers of best fit.


we just are.

we just are.

I think I’m best described as a little person with a big bloody passionate heart and equally sized funny bone! Both a mum and small business owner, I don’t DO IT ALL. Instead, I am the MASTER OF TILT. I’m ok with that. I don’t do is anything half-heartedly and if I can have a laugh along the way, I will. What’s the point otherwise right?

I’ve spent the last 4 years coaching within the industry, and it’s been both the built relationships and old school values that have become the backbone of my business.

My relationship within the design community has become like a 3-legged race. Roped together, based on trust. The bonds have become strong. So much so, I now field regular calls and requests of “Do you know someone who can help with….” “Are you able to recommend a …”. On the daily, there is a request for help from me. That’s a pretty damn awesome feeling. It’s also the inspiration behind SR.

As a lover and avid social media user the one lesson that sticks with me is how often our industry is underpinned by visual content yet the benefits of a really strong community has been mostly overlooked beyond small circles.

but ask yourself this - have I ever hired a business based purely on looks without any due diligence? It’s just too easy to edit (for good or for bad) unless you get to know one another or better yet; the consumer gets to.

I get excited at the prospect of people pumping each other’s tyres, especially when it’s based on talent. Suddenly “who would you recommend?” is king, and ‘connection’ it’s queen.

I deferred uni to travel the world in my 20’s and spent nearly 7 years in London, way, way before being a mum was on the radar. When I came back, with a tonne of ‘boys club’ corporate training under my belt I thought, there is a way to do all of this with both softness and steal. My hope is that Spreading Roomers delivers an adequate measure of both, but mostly it is here to really make sure you find who you’re looking for.

Deb xx