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Amy Eaton

Rugs - Ohh Happy Home

“I don't have a hairy chest or wear gold chains but I really like rugs.” - Amy.

Good to know! That pretty much captures the energy behind this gorgeous flooring brand, #designedinperth and a proud licensee of Goodweave International - an accreditation ensuring no child or forced labour has been used in the production of your rug.

There’s a genuine level of fun in how Amy runs this business and whilst you might think that’s a total no brainer, you will understand once that rug arrives on your doorstep. They have personality. You’ll get your OHH moment don’t worry.

If you’re Perth based, you may already feel some familiarity with this brand as they become well known for creating the original felt ball rugs, primarily seen at Perth Upmarket. That was the first time I came across Amy and in just a few short years (long to Amy no doubt) the brand, aesthetic and capabilities of Ohh have soared.

“I design, together with our Indian weavers to create rugs and homewares that celebrate the dreams and ancient techniques of weavers and their families. With a background in Fine Art and textiles I bring the love of textiles and texture to your floor”.

Amy has 3 boys, so I know what you might be thinking, are rugs even a good idea for my family? Well, take a look over on our blog and you’ll get some fantastic tips from Andrea Pienaar of Siba Interiors on ‘how to’. Not only applicable for the whole range, but there’s a ‘machine washable’ range too - yep. Kids got nuthin on these beauties.

You can also get your regular Ohh fix by browsing the lobby. With monthly updates, all the latest goings on for Ohh can be found there to make your online experience even more meaningful.



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Sourced and styled by : Siba Interiors