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Andrea Pienaar

Interior Stylist - SIBA Interiors

You wouldn’t be mistaken for thinking Andrea has a thing for pink ; I mean….this photo.

There’s also that unmistakable pink door that graced the front cover of Adore magazine whilst beautifully styled by Andrea herself, does little to convince us she’s not pink obsessed.

“I literally drive around my suburb now and see so many pink doors, I think I should have struck up some kind of a deal with my local council” - Andrea.

As an experienced stylist though, whilst you may see it shine through as a subtle signature the brief for each and every client remains very much dictated by their own particular palette.

Having started SIBA Interiors 4 years ago after the birth of her 3rd (and last so she says) son her original name was actually ‘Style It By Andrea’. The acronymn was an obvious one.

As many of us with children can attest, it’s often the hideous juggle of life that points us in the very direction we need to go. For Andrea; it’s bringing homes to life in a way that places comfort and function at the forefront but circles around effortless upkeep with a nod to good taste in the same swing. Obviously it’s the influence of the boys at work here; the whole ethos behind SIBA is ‘liveable places and liveable spaces’. I like it.

“I just refuse to think we should have to sacrifice what we feel looks good simply due to heavy traffic use. It’s about using the space and it’s function wisely so that it can grow with you. If you want velvet, get velvet - there a bunch of myths out there” - Andrea.

Working primarily with private residential clients looking to makeover their homes due to growth, tired furnishings or simply because they have changed as people (can you even imagine what post-children Vs pre-children looks like); Andrea is definitely at home in this role and uses all of her favourite sources, products and homewares to inject an exact balance into each space. She’s very generous with her product knowledge.

If you jump across to the blog you can see for yourself that Seebs as I like to call her is also a skilled renovator having taken to her own cottage home and turned it into a new contemporary home for her and her family.

Working currently on a number of commercial ventures, Andrea literally is able to deliver a subtle shift to your space that manages to bring with it an equally impressive impact. Change doesn’t need to be drastic to be done well.



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