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Belinda Kailis


When it comes to renovation, it's easy to simply think - The Block, DIY or long weekends propping up the Bunnings hotdog stand.The reality tends to fall into 'lessons learned' - so why not dodge that bullet and put that Pinterest folder to much better use?Belinda Kailis is the woman behind Silq Interiors.

A professional renovation business that specialises in bathroom and kitchen renovations to help everyday people live their best lives!The result of bringing in an expert like Belinda, with over 12 years experience, is what we like to call a 'game changer'.  Getting your space designed specifically to your need and budget, but importantly built with integrity and personal functionality is where so many go off track. Can you do it yourself? YES. Can you do it like this? NO. Bee is also a bit OCD so don't even think of self management either - SilQ are at their best taking care of the full project so all trades, planning and scope are taken care of (and trust me, doing this bit yourself can take a bit fat bite out of your ass(ets).

For those of who are already building or 'self managing', SilQ will come in with colour consultation and full pre-start consults to ensure you're not about create the most heavily used areas of your home on a whim.