Colin Campbell

Builder | Director of Camstruct Design & Build

Colin started out as a chippy (that old chestnut) and is basically one of the most likeable blokes I’ve ever met (although this is the first time I’ve seen him without his cap on).

As a carpenter with 15 years’ experience in the local building industry, (the majority of work during this time being timber framed residential new builds and extensions), Colin registered as a builder in 2012 with Camstruct Design and Build established in 2013.

When i asked Colin why he become a Builder? “To push my passion for construction and carpentry further”. Mission accomplished ! Not only does he love this industry but he has insane admiration for those around him. It’s rare and in my eyes, sets him apart.

Working inclusively, Camstruct is fast becoming one of the most recognised design and construct firms here in Perth.

“We work with our clients closely to engage the right professionals based on the merits of the project, client brief, style and skill set of the Architect/Designer”.

Smart guy. It’s because of this that Camstruct continual to evolve and diversify so well. A client’s #dreamhome builder really. The ego is parked, but the quality delivered.

Specialising in the residential sector, Camstruct takes on qpproximately 5 major residential projects per year (stampede anyone) and will tender on one off builds, renovations and alterations and additions.

Again; this guy gets involved. Colin site manages all projects himself and attends his site daily. Do you have mobile coffee van? Sounds like he might need one.

Working his select list of trades on each build to ensure continuity in finish and quick construction time, I have visited site myself (I took coffee) and I can verify, these guys are in all it together.



Image 1 : Doubleview House Photographer Susan Young Interiors Design Lahaus Creative Studio

Image 2 : Subiaco House Photographer Alistair Dickson Design Milieu Creative

Image 3 : Little Hutt House Photographer Alistair Dickson Design Eph Studio (Home Owner)

Lovers of the yellow door project (City Beach): Premier Constructed / Premier Concrete