Daniel Cassettai

Building Designer - Daniel Cassettai Design

Dan is a really clever designer but there’s a really good chance you may not have heard of him.

That’s because he had ‘mad building design skills’ but not necessary as mad social media skills. His team do what they can, but this is a man you’ll get recommended personally not because social media told you he was ‘all that’.

To me, that is a refreshingly good thing. I’ve walked his designs with my own two feet and they are beautiful spaces to be in. To confirm, Dan came to my attention by recommendation.

When it comes to really capturing ‘living’ there are those who say they can and those that just get on do it. Daniel is the latter. With an honesty to each design he delivers, Daniel designs as if he’s about to move in himself. I’ve seen him in beast mode and he gets very passionate, detailed and the glint in the eye is right there. He loves it. He just gets into the ‘head’ of the client and executes something that far outweighs what they could have imagined. If he wasn’t so camera shy, I’d get those moments on camera.

With a distinct architectural vibe and a priority on nailing the function brief, the big wow factor here is that is he quietly works on integrating all the form factors too, so there’s no compromise on the aesthetics of the home yet it retains every inch of integrity you hoped it would. It’s this quiet kicking of goals that makes DCDesign extremely unique.

But Dan is terribly humble. In fact, I hand to arm wrestle him to let me even put this up. OK, maybe not quite THAT bad, but to me, the real beauty in engaging a talent like this, is that it really is all about the client. Not because it’s a cool thing to say, not because it wins jobs, because Dan just is that guy.

Take a look for yourself.



Image 1 : Sorrento Residence Photography Silvertone

Image 2 : Potter Ave, Salter Point

Image 3 : Hurdles Drive, Floreat Photography Silvertone Builder Transform WA Landscapes Plumtree Landscapes

Collaborates with : Kristie Castagna, Elements at Home