Debra Hayes

Florist - Debra Hayes Floral

Debra Hayes is a floral stylist and teacher and has a cracking good name!

Her true love is flowers (and just quietly also baking); it’s her everyday. She is so passionate about the floral industry, her flower shop and teaching others though her workshops it’s hard to get caught up in the infectiousness of it all. She really is brand Debra Hayes.

You can also find her dabbling in home and garden styling and writing her first book in her spare time, but mostly she enjoys getting to know her customers, for they are what she loves about her work the most.  

“You meet the best people in this job and you get to be a part of the highs and lows in their lives, whether it be for a wedding or a funeral or just a little bunch for Mum – I never tire of the seeing difference that flowers and thoughtfulness can make in someone’s day.”

Deb's business is based at her home studio with a sunny veranda and garden outlook where she hosts her unique Signature workshop; complete with a trip to the flower markets and home cooked treats. I’ve been twice now for the flowers (and the baked goods) and dry sense of humour (Deb’s of the world unite).

She also runs larger event workshops in various locations across Perth and regional areas as well as being a travelling guest demonstrator.

With over 20 years experience in the flower industry, Deb is actually a self-taught florist (#mindblown) who started her own business at 23 with no experience but loads of passion and hard work.  After an incredible stint of 17 years as the creator of Manic Botanic Flowers, Deb now fills her days with what she loves the most…arranging blooms, working with like minded creative’s and teaching others through her workshops.

As a business owner, retail florist and teacher Deb’s wealth of experience shines through in her engagement with her clients and her students. She firmly believes that with a little guidance and flexibility everyone can find their creative side.

Debra also runs a busy retail store amongst the hustle and bustle of North Perth on Angove St.



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They share a love of all things colour : Alisha Falconer Artist