Denise RIX


Denise is a Perth based photographer specialising in architecture, interiors, product and landscapes.  Denise's love of design, simplicity, purpose and form dictates a style that lends itself to the minimalist and clean approach conveyed in her photographic aesthetic.

The seeds for her photography career were planted in her early 20’s though she only began to pursue her passion for the medium years later, after starting her own family & seeking a more creative and fulfilling journey in life & one which ultimately was going to hold her interest.  Denise firmly believes that Photography will always master her and not the other way around!  Predominantly a self taught natural light shooter her strength lies in the translation between product and emotional connection.  Through her unique eye for composition and detail, capturing the essence of the scene and her creative approach to image treatment, Denise is able to showcase the client with a deliberate and considered intent.  She believes that imagery should convey an emotion in the viewer & works to that end each and every time she shots.