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Emily Rousseau

Graduate of Architecture - Seau Studio

Seau is a young, boutique design studio run by the delightful Emily Rousseau.

You will have already experienced some of their commercial spaces, and loved them without even realising.

“The brief was ‘Food is fun’. White on white with youthful pops of colour draws attention to the theatre of making local, fresh burgers.” Troublemaker Burgers / Yagan Square

“The best food when travelling is found in carts, tiny windows and out of the way spots.” Street Eats Eatery / Horseshoe Lane / Yagan Square

…and that’s just the start.

Seau create beautiful, purposeful, quality spaces to live, work and visit, and 2019 see’s the Seau team expand their residential design arm, a service Em was always destined to provide.

“Our architecture is site responsive and focused on the daily routines and lifestyles of our clients. We love the challenge of refining a floor plan - there’s nothing more rewarding than designing a place our clients love to be in”. Emily Rousseau #whyseau

The one really big deal about Emily (and I’m sure of this) is that she will quietly change how you view the term Architect. Completely disarming, genuine and looking for solution over showcase, this approach is fresh, accessible and she is an avid listener.

In fact, she is so NOT what you would expect, you’ll wonder why you didn’t #hireagraduateofarchitecture sooner.


Credits :

Images : All 3D renders via Seau proposing the vision of Emily’s own cottage home - coming soon in 2019.