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Gab Nuich

Owner - The Picker Concept

Gab is someone I consider a trailblazer.

Only a few short years ago, the concept of ‘picking’ or looking in places of thrift for homewares, furniture or decor was considered a little low brow. For me, it’s how I’ve been brought up. Yesteryear actually never goes out of trend if you know what you’re looking for.

Fast forward to 2019 and suddenly the sustainability train has finally caught up with the masses. Picking or going vintage shopping is now considered it’s own industry. Highly sought after #midcenturymodern dominates FB Marketplace, Gumtree and the local markets - are people realising that old doesn’t necessarily mean gone? Are they looking to invest back into recycling and repurpose? Hopefully the answer is yes and there is no better person to assist you in those endeavours than Gab.

“The Picker Concept is a little vintage biz dedicated to sourcing & selling beautiful vintage pieces for the home, aiming to help people create spaces that are uniquely “them”, whilst passionately encouraging them to choose furniture & homewares that speak to their heart.”

Gab knows her vintage too. I’ve never seen someone of her age be across all the era’s in quite the same way - she can literally sniff out the 1930’s silverware from 100km’s away.

“Our curated collection of wares focuses heavily on midcentury & industrial styles, with an eclectic mix of carefully handpicked treasures on offer.With a focus on community and sustainability, The Picker Concept is using their platform to promote other businesses within the vintage community to make it easier for people to choose to shop sustainably with soul.”

Oh ok, so you can also add local resource to her talents at well.

A annual fixture in the Garage Sale Trail, The Picker Concept not only supports the local vintage community but she’s a huge encourager of the greater design industry too.

You can visit TPC by appointment or shop her current picks online.



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