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Helena Nikola

Interior Architecture - HNIS

Helena prides herself on uncovering client stories and delivering timeless, beautifully considered homes beyond her client’s wildest dreams.

If there is a wicked glint in the eye to be seen during this process, Helena has it. There is craftsmanship every step of the way.

If it’s engaging on Interior Architecture services  “Front to back. This is our seamless approach to the whole package. From discussion, to design, to documentation and all that’s in between, we ride shot gun from the start.

We’re comfortable keeping our own company just as much as we thrive on the company of others, so your renovation, extension or new build will either be in our good hands or in several as we take the collective approach alongside your architect or builder.”

With a hands on approach to design, and and by focusing on developing honest, collaborative relationships with her clients, there is a warmth that is accessed here not only through her approach but the longstanding relationship that maintains long after the project has completed.

After all, and I know this first hand, she loves being around people and exceptional design.

When you ask about custom cabinetwork design “How you use your space is unique to you. Bespoke, one of a kind pieces are designed for one of a kind relationships with your space. We can do that.”

I honestly consider Helena [pronounced Hel-ee-na ]the ultimate advocate for work life balance, creating consciously and always dreaming big.

A definitive believer that you should love what you do, but also doing it with huge passion and having fun along the way…it’s exactly what she brings to each project, usually with a coffee in hand.

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Image 1 : Denise Rix Photographer + styling Kristie Castagna

Image 3 : Dion Robeson

*HOOD NOTES : you can find both Denise Rix and Kristie Castagna in our neighbourhood