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Kristie Castagna

Interior Designer - Elements at Home

Let’s cut straight to it. There’s not many Interior Designers that can actually boast the depth of work that Kristie can.

Unapologetically diverse, this designer has owner built over 11 homes now, making her as close to an expert on ‘what the client’ needs as you can be.

Kristie splits her time between working for her private residential clients, collaborating closely with Perth Building Designer Daniel Cassettei and also moonlights as a stone connoisseur for Caesarstone in their Perth showroom at Homebase Subiaco.

Kristie also happens to be my co-host on our #perthmade #designpodcast called Design Banter - a weekly drop where small business meets design. Clearly she had some time on her hands!

The beauty of the podcast by the way (**cough available on either iTunes or Spotify) is that you can get a genuine understanding into Kristie’s know how ahead of engaging her. It’s like the best CV ever. She’s very clever.

I asked Kristie in the first Spreading Roomers YouTube episode to explain a little more about what she still loves about being a designer.

On the record : “I am an Integrated Designer with a genuine wish to create fabulous spaces that are both stylish and functional.”

Off the record : “It’s the joy of it all. The look on someone’s face when you’ve delivered their dreams is what it’s all about”.

“If I am not creating something new I am learning why and how we can future proof our interiors or sharing my knowledge with those that need to understand how we arrive at certain looks in our visual world”.

Conclusion. Kristie is a sharer. With clients, within her industry - wherever she can see uplift or benefit, she’ll offer it up.

She’s also incredibly multifaceted (read the blog here). A designer, blogger, stylist, educator and podcaster. Clearly she’s passionate. You can follow along with Kristie across all of these channels and see for yourself how much she simply offers up because she can. Imagine then how she’d deliver your project to you.



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*HOOD NOTES : You can also find Denise Rix in our neighbourhood

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