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Melinda McQueen

Renovation - Studio McQueen

For all of you home owners out there desperate to ‘do something’ with your space but restricted by the feeling the only way to renovate is with big budget or DIY - take a deep breath and meet Mel.

Melinda McQueen is the owner of Studio McQueen, a purpose built business with the small home renovator in mind.

Now, before I go any further, take a little look at the images to the left. Image 1 and 2 are the before and after of one of Melinda’s own properties. An essential kitchen renovation took place here that focussed on small family dynamics, budget maintenance, selling the home and making best use of space.

This is what Mel does really well. This is why hiring a fully qualified building designer (which she is) to help you get the best result for your needs is essential. The last thing you want to do is overextend, which is easily done particularly when trying to manage the project and / or trades yourself.

With a specialised eye for renovation and small extensions having lived and breathed the experience as her own client, getting the basics right is something Melinda takes absolute joy in. The ‘wow factor’ is all about having that family fall in love again with their space, rather than fighting with it.

“Creating balanced spaces evoking a natural tone, which are refreshingly modern yet endlessly classic is something I never tire of. Fun fact: I was born in Kalgoorlie and grew up in Geraldton so while a city gal now, you’ll never shake the country off me”.

This makes so much sense. If you ever get the chance to sit down and chat with Mel you will discover that where possible she will source sustainable for your project - growing up ‘countryside’ the big reminder in all of us doing our part.

Here’s another thing I know about ‘country folk’ - they love to gather and feast. Simplicity at it’s best.

After nine years of Commercial Interior Design and residential drafting, it’s the practical and tactical solution that Studio McQueen is able to bring to your home.



Image 1 : Kitchen render / Palmyra project

Image 2 : Before - Melinda’s own renovation

Image 3 : After - Melinda’s own renovation