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Melissa Redwood

Interior Designer - Melissa Redwood Designs

Melissa Redwood has basically spearheaded the evolution of display homes in the WA industry and is most commonly known for her continued work with the greater Webb Brown Neaves brand.

Time after time, she delivers display homes to a calibre that has really propelled Mel into a league all of her own. Designing on a scale such as this time after time, takes tremendous skill and is a finely tuned craft.

But ‘display homes’ aren’t for everyone either so having truly harnessed the commercial space, Mel has also has the keen ability to tune into the personal diversity of smaller bespoke builders and private clients to equally deliver on residential designs outside of standard home builder scope.

The good news for you is, that you can walk Melissa’s work for yourself. Go ‘on tour’ and get a real feel for just how detailed the spaces are she creates, and then imagine what she can do with a bespoke brief.

One quick jump across to instagram will also soon deliver the goods as each home she has a hand in creates something completely new, over and over and over again.

The tiled rug in the home featured above still rates as the first time I’d ever seen it done as an application, and it remains the last. Refusing to settle, Mel found the right trades and ensured the orchestration was flawless.

For those of you who love breeze blocks, there’s a little extra waiting in the lobby for you too.



Images 1 : Palm Springs by Melissa Redwood Designs for Webb Brown Neaves Photographer DMax Photography

Image 2 : The Kuro by Melissa Redwood Designs for Webb Brown Neaves Photographer DMax Photography

Image 3 : The Casa by Melissa Redwood Designs for Webb Brown Neaves Cabinetry Design Jess O’Shea Designs Photographer DMax Photography

*HOOD NOTES : You can also find Jess O’Shea in our neighbourhood

Collaborates with : Jess O’Shea Designs