Nickolas Gurtler

Interior Designer - Perth & Melbourne

There is something really rare about Nickolas.

It took me a while to put my finger on, but finally the lightbulb went off. He’s the perfect balance of risk and restraint. Willing to push the boundaries, but with foresight enough to know when to pull it back too, this Perth (and now Melbourne) talent is the true essence of creative when it comes to interiors.

Let’s look at what we know. Nickolas Gurtler Interior Design (NGID) has a bespoke, sophisticated, and intuitive approach to design. But I’d argue it’s the way he builds the most trusting of relationships with the client that really allows such an epic delivery of the luxury interiors he has grown a reputation for.

Working across residential, retail and hospitality projects I asked Nickolas what it all really meant to him - “Delivering a functional, impeccably crafted and sophisticated product is our endgame on each project, but we also want them to be highly personal and made-to-measure for our clients. Our main goal is to understand, translate and elevate our clients vision to create something extraordinary.”

It’s true, he’s a perfectionist, but he’s got a wicked sense of humour too. The beauty of being the client in this scenario aside from the flawless outcome, is the experience you’ll have along the way. I can guarantee, that each step of the design journey is one you’ll remember with NGID.

And as you can see, there is exceptional diversity in each project that this design house delivers. Arguably; you can look at each and in seconds recognise that NGID had their hands in it.

“If you mix equal parts restraint, boldness, and glamourpuss you've got the NGID recipe right.” - Nick.



Image 1 : WLD Residence Photography Dion Robeson

Image 2 : DWM Residence Photography Dion Robeson Featured Belle Magazine & Inside Out Magazine

Image 3 : AKM Residence Photography Dion Robeson Featured Belle Magazine & Interiors Addict