We all know content creation is one of the biggest pain points faced by businesses worldwide and the 1st of January each year  is an X ‘marks the spot’ of action, new pathways, greater achievements and streamlined methods.

I also know it’s almost too difficult not to want to board the new year’s resolution train as if choosing otherwise see’s you taking a seat on the unmotivated, lacking in drive or the poor personal passion express instead….but I’m here to defend the right, to say no resolutions this year and simply focus on savvy SOLUTIONS instead!

The major issue with resolutions as I see it is the need for everyone to broadcast them. Here’s a little secret for you – in the nicest way possible, no one really gives a fig. Sorry but it’s true; especially in business. Why? Because we are all significantly eyeballs in our own corrective methodology for the coming year to notice or take on board yours! That; and once you spruik them you are signing a virtual agreement to achieve them. I’m totally spit-balling here but I’m guessing the number of resolutions not quite satisfied at the end of each year would single handedly match Australian caffeine consumption on an annual basis. Just saying!

It's well and good after copious amounts of Christmas fare, fine wine, great company and family ties have filled your emotional cup, but before you go telling everyone the key to your contentment for 2017 consider that the best possible solution to killing it – IS TO KEEP IT QUIET, that is until you’re really ready to roll with it, harness it and embrace it. Design a secret not a sorority! It’s also far more credible if you just get on with it.

Freddo pen - circa 2002

Content creation is the buzz word right now as is mindset and there is a major gap in the market in terms of solid guidance and direction that caters to both. I even have a package (https://www.spreadingroomers.com.au/workwithme/) totally dedicated to working directly with a business to create a meaningful content schedule across all their forms of digital marketing so I know it’s in high demand, but this blog isn’t to discuss what you need to put in – it’s to discuss the importance of what to leave out!! (look for the half eaten scone).

Be yourself:

1.       Your pitch – this is quite scary for most, but if you cannot refine your business bio to 1 small para or 3 or so sentences face to face then you have some work to do. Concise, genuine and a real reflection of your service or product is what we’re after. **NOTE use your video function to practice. You will sound 12 – that’s ok! But the more comfortable you get the better your delivery, and the story of the half eaten scone stays safely out of sight!!!

2.       Word of mouth – the cheerleader of great content! If you can nail this you can rule the world. Impressions count as does going the extra mile. Always be authentic, get that pitch working for you and deliver awesome at every turn. You don’t get better brand content than this!!


1.       Unsubscribe - do you really need to follow 123 other businesses hints, tips, tricks? Keep it at a core 5 so you don’t overwhelm yourself. Review each quarter. This will help de-clutter your mindset – less traffic, less noise, more you.

2.       Website / Social media channels – when is the last time you did a brand audit on yourself? It doesn’t mean when you posted that picture of the half eaten scone it wasn’t relevant at the time, but we all grow and change, some rapidly some less so. Point is; if it isn’t cricket right now, then it will never be cricket. Cut. You feel better and will see a clearer path forward almost immediately and so will we!

3.       Followed accounts - this one primarily sits in Instagram territory but again, if you aren’t a purchaser or enjoy the fruits of their feed regularly then perhaps cut that clutter (and pressure) too. Follow what you love. Don’t what you don’t. No hard feelings.


1.       Look over your strategy, wins, and procedures of the past year and highlight all ways it fell flat. This makes finding the gold so much easier and prevents rolling bad processes over unnecessarily.

2.       List all the things you love about your competitors / industry / cohort. Aim not to implement any of these in the same way – you’ll find your own way of killing it.

3.       Write an ABOUT. Even if you already have one, write another. Read it. Re-read it. Remove half – trust me, that scone might make an appearance.

Solution over resolution means you go about your business, and you drill down MEANINGFULLY into your brand in the comfort of your own scone eating days. It’s a positive method to achieving goals that doesn’t see you up against a wall in a business line-up of ‘who wore it better’ – it’s all simply designed to suit the people at the coalface of the business – namely you.

For me; a new year is all about forward motion. Speed is not a factor, movement is momentum no matter how fast or slow. It’s not a race, nor a competition, it’s about sustainability. MAKE YOUR SOLUTIONS WORK FOR YOU AND LEAVE THE RESOLUTIONS FOR THE MASSES.

Deb xx