In 2017, video was touted as being THE next big thing in the world of digital marketing. In one go, millions of business owners quietly shuddered in unison at the thought of what this new age platform might mean to them...(me included), whilst another couple of million (not so quietly) shared their blog posts about how they predicted this very event in late 2016! So many crystal balls not nearly enough gypsies!

Immediately in my mind I was like, well I sound 12 and what if I become a conversational mute as soon as I press 3, 2, 1 - LIVE!  It turns out the woman who likes to talk, really does love to talk so I overcame that issue pretty quickly. I realised that all those "from the cutting room floor" stuff ups were the reason I felt so at ease 'on camera' (I put this loosely - I'm in my OWN HOME, in my own COMFORT ZONE, contributing in my OWN WAY on the daily). The real truth is if I were an extra on a film, we'd have shut production down after the first take and staff pastries! The point is, you can practice and no one is any the wiser (except your family who blow fish on the door or who say "how many times does it actually take to say what you want to say?")....419 to be exact Mr 8!

The even bigger truth bomb I'm about to serve up is that not everyone is cut out for video. Even though we have various formats including FB Live (my platform of choice - https://www.facebook.com/pg/SPREADINGROOMERS/videos), YouTube, Instagram stories, Vimeo, VLOGING - all credible methods (even if you shake more than the makers of the Blair Witch!) it's still easy to get the feeling you would be much better suited to 'other' outlets. This still overrides one very obvious sensibility.

Like you stepped out of a salon? Like you just paid someone to do you makeup!! (I actually did my own hair that day!)

Like you stepped out of a salon? Like you just paid someone to do you makeup!! (I actually did my own hair that day!)

So how did the video kill the radio star? Well it's simple really; we can SEE you! Yup! And when we can see you, we can see your expressions, your thought processes and all the little nuances that make you, you (including the breakfast on your chin if you haven't really got the hang of this gig!). This is gold my friends, pure gold. Even if you look more 'frankly I'm dying here' rather 'frankly I'm ff-ing fabulous' that's totally OK. None of us are here to judge (and if we do,  you'll never hear us anyway - jokes!!). If i were honest, the phrase 'face value' doesn't relate to perfection, it basically means without motive or agenda. That also means, much more digestible for your viewer. They need to be at ease just like you do and this is the perfect ice-breaker for quality building of trust.

Video takes away any pretense. There's no where to hide (sounds horrifying doesn't it), but this is why I love it. It means, I see you, I connect with you, I am compelled to buy from YOU. This is where the brand really kicks in. No push, no hard sell, no carrots dangled or buy quick scams (remembering they are marketing techniques not branding ones). It's honest content and what's more, it can be reused on multiple platforms.

Now; with a show of hands, how many of you have deleted all the blurred, expletive, stop-start-royal stuff ups rather than keep them? Please don't! You know business is tough enough as it is and seeing as you're already gearing up to put yourself out there and get over your own issues, you may as well throw in a little gag reel whilst your at it. Not immediately of course as we might think it's a bit much for your first video (WTF!!) but hold onto them. It's part of your story too and one of the most humanising ways to connect to total strangers!

Whilst I'm sure my gag reel is at the top of your daily wish list (trust me my friends, it's coming) in case you missed it, the link to my FB Lives (for anyone who isn't yet familiar with my ability to wag the chin!) was featured a little earlier in the article ! Enjoy !

Deb xx