One of the main reasons I started Spreading Roomers was to make a difference. I know, I know, that's what they ALL say - it's become a little "and world peace" for business coaches; but genuinely, spray tans and bikini's aside - I always feel I can....make a difference (wears tiara over breakfast!).

It never crosses my mind that I have nothing to offer, or that my experience will let me down. It never dawns on me that I won't be seen or that clients will stop knocking on my door and the only real way I can articulate 'why' is because I know WHY I do this! I spent months and months digging into the deeper 'why' of what I was going to be about and quickly realised it had EVERYTHING to do with me personally and accepted it very early on.

Whilst confidence and putting yourself 'out there' is counseled in abundance, positive mindset to me doesn't necessarily start with either of these actions and it likely started much earlier than your business. Nature Vs nurture has a tremendous part to play, as does your journey so far, what has shaped you, what inspires you, what you want to stand for. Formative years are kinder to some than others too; and with that all I can say is the non-kind variety have an uncanny way in producing qualities that simply defy belief!

Mindset to me; stems 100% from personal acceptance. My formative years were brutal - there is no other description. However; big girl pants are made with reason, so once I jumped in and out of them several times (big girl tent - pre-Bonds!), I knew from a very young age, that I would always be able to use my non-traditional upbringing and moments of crises as my ultimate navigation tool.  I use it daily. It's enabled me not to have the urge to push the same boundaries as everyone else, and instead, create my own.

But (not a reference to the big girl pants!), as much as I love championing others, and as much as I love www, one of my favourite outlets creatively speaking are my quotes. I can be doing the most mundane of tasks and then BAM out of left field, something pops into my mind and I think - they'll want to hear this. Every single time I publish a new #iheardaroomer - my phone lights up brighter than Mardi Gras. It has me thinking, how many people are struggling to not only tap into their 'why' but how many are afraid of it?

So; with mid-year literally here and the combination of school holidays, tax time, and reconciliations of multiple varieties, I'd love to leave you with one last quote, to get you thinking, to keep you safe, to act as your touchstone.

Weren't expecting that were you!!?

No seriously now; thin eyebrows aside (but stay on the look out for the over plucked chicken - trust me everyone, this rule will never leave you and you'll wonder why you hadn't put two and two together before!!); YOU are important. You will make or break this business of yours, not your customers, not social media, not poor SEO - you. With all I have to encourage you with, please, take time regularly to remember what you stand for and to be proud of it.

Deb xx