Much as I love to shine the light fantastic on business tips, learning and the greater good of keeping it real, I figs it's high time I also use this digital space to hand out some much needed applause along the way too (and I'm talking hard handed, noisy, and enthusiastic left and right action not some pathetic mock clap that belongs in finishing school - put some effort into it please!).

Now; I could bring you a blog about my dream client (I've had a super fantastic run of it) or my latest success stories (again, spoilt!) but instead, I'm going to blog about a NERD! Yep. My favourite kind of nerd to be exact and...'HER NAME IS LOLA, SHE WAS A SHOWGIRL'...ok, ok, her name is Maya - she is a House Nerd!

Maya's photographic handiwork - feat the home of  @livderoche

Maya's photographic handiwork - feat the home of @livderoche

I know what you're thinking. How do I know this name and what does Copacabana have to do with her? Truthfully; absolutely nothing but I've been wanting to feature Baz for some time, so you know, make it happen! Maya DeRoche is the wonderful woman, and journalist behind http://www.house-nerd.com/ by far and large my favourite blog to follow week in week out.

So, what do I admire most about Maya? Well, she can write like a mother (she's a mum you know, not the other mother - jeez!) and I know she's a journalist; she should be able to write right? Yeah, well, WOMAN'S DAY - enough said!! She makes mum's look really cool in a 'I'm not very cool kind of way' (plus; 'Mini Nerd' genius!) and she delivers a clever, insightful, non-pretentious, accessible, visually pretty and authentic view into the homes, houses, digs and cribs of others with absolute class (and I'm sorry Maya, I'm not a journalist so that extra long sentence stays put ok!!?). In a market where everyone has an 'interior design blog' or 'spaces I love' to boost their SEO, this one is stands tall to me purely because it doesn't try and be anything it's not.

Mamma + Mini Nerd. Photo - Heather Robbins  http://redimages.com.au/

Mamma + Mini Nerd. Photo - Heather Robbins http://redimages.com.au/

The other thing I heart (that saying is NOT included) is that instead of needing to prepare myself a packed lunch as I enter the rabbit hole of Pinterest, I have this wonderful journal to look back over when it's time to renovate my own home. Kitchen first; although I'll be honest, it's going to be tough parting with the perracotta (that's peach and terracotta, YES, you read that correctly) laminate counter tops and matching cupboard doors!! DON'T LOOK AT ME!! There are countless examples of homes in this one gorgeous hub that I love....why? Because they're each so damn inviting. Every piece I read I can picture myself in those spaces. I heart that for reals (this time)!

The Nature Inspire Eco House. Homeowners - Tanya and Peter. Photo - Heather Robbins  http://redimages.com.au/

The Nature Inspire Eco House. Homeowners - Tanya and Peter. Photo - Heather Robbins http://redimages.com.au/

Maya has the uncanny ability to make me feel very much at home (and I secretly boobie trap each and every one I imaginary visit) so it's no big surprise that she has recently been nominated in the https://www.ausmumpreneur.com/  awards. Staying typically Maya; she's very humble in letting us know, but with few WA entrants (Category 4 - influencers for those interested) I think we can do a bit better than that!!! Here's the linkhttps://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ausmum17 . Let's show her some home grown support!!

If you're not familiar with Maya's work, definitely go and check it out. I never direct anyone anywhere unless it's fueled with amazing along the way. You'll wonder why you never knew about it before. I'll finish by quoting one of my favourite movies of all time (Adam Sandler's - Pixels); in the immortal words of 'Presidonut' - "let the nerds take over!". I second that (and if you need to spend some quality movie time with the kids and productively update your instagram feed at the same time - this is the movie to do it in!!).

Deb xx

You can find out more about House Nerd here http://www.instagram.com/housenerd here http://www.facebook.com/housenerd and here http://www.house-nerd.com