A creative mind generally occupies the space between the pedestrian of realism and the destination of idealism often favouring one or the other depending on the current ‘situation’. Yet here is where the gold lies. This is the magic space where the processes behind our creativity breathe life into the concept, and the concept grows  confident  wings and shifts into design.

We make. We build. From dreams; dictated to only by how much time we spend in this space.

I believe the trending coin of phrase for this place is #bts – behind the scenes…but’s this isn’t about latching onto trend. Trends come and go and then what? NO; this is about all of us harnessing the superpower we collectively hold but so reluctantly showcase – the ‘real’ magic behind what we do.

Now, I know what you’re all thinking, who wants to see dark circles under eyes, an office akin to the sprawl of a popular pre ‘hard verge collection’ (am I right, chips + seagulls – and unless you’re in the ‘right’ suburbs, that cane chair cannot support a toddler let alone an ‘occasional’ adult), or an un-bloggable wardrobe (I thought ‘lounge’ suit meant exactly that). BUT; you’d be wrong!

The fact remains, often somewhere in the soup of these slightly less appealing qualities are the circumstances in which magic is made. Without an injection of reality most of us would be left peddling bullshit. It turns out, what we think is undesirable is actually crazy appealing to depths of what makes us connect to one another.

So; to the flat-layer that styled 40 differently bloody shots and had only one they could use; to the interior stylist who has a walk-in-wardrobe full of ‘scatter cushions’ and a collection of adhesives that could likely even make ice stick. To the interior designer who spends half a day up a ladder so that their photographer can ‘get the goddamn shot’ and to the architect who’s blueprint just got eaten by the dog (but it turns out the dog (he’s called Jedi BTW) is some kind of aesthetic savant and the architect designed an even better elevation than previous) – I’m looking at you!!

Flatlay 4000 featuring + @soleceramics / photography in mag by @tesskellyphotography / stylist @paigeanderson / furnished @exhibitinteriors

Room for reality needs you. We need you. Standing tall in your own sunshine, it’s time to start owning your process….but how? Through Spreading Roomers and a little idea to make your #bts even more fabulous.

This blog – Roomers – wasn’t set up to be white noise. It was set up to challenge the status-quo behind our sometimes manipulated view of what success looks like. There are plenty of blogs already out there killing it with their ‘latest looks’ or ‘top 10 finds’ that we don’t need another. What we need is ‘something we don’t know’! I like digesting vanilla but I don’t thrive on it.

How can you get involved? Easy! In the coming weeks I will be doing a call out to any businesses that sit in the interiors / homewares or lifestyle categories that would like to be tastefully showcased on the blog. You can register your interest now by contacting me directly on All details outlining your requirements will be emailed in advance including tips on images and format.

I’m looking for a mixture of #bts industry content be it the how to, the brainstorm, the fails, the prototypes, the epic shoots, the ones from  the #cuttingroomfloor, the meetings, the sweat, the tears and the genuine thread behind how you became so ‘followable’ mixed with the #afters #thefinishedproduct  and #thebigreveals. This is an opportunity to blow away the smoke and walk through the mirrors typically created by the standard social channels and reach new connective heights.

Who’s with me?

Deb x