Image : Leah D’Souza |  Sheshells Photography

Image : Leah D’Souza | Sheshells Photography

If you’re involved in the world of design from any angle, there's a bunch we can do together. I created this platform as a true support system.


i want to arm you with the confidence and energy to propel your brand with a personal and meaningful approach that stays with you, and stays with them, your customer.

i love motivated souls who know they have a much bigger story to tell. I love the ‘exceptions’ who aren’t looking for same (it’s not here). i love passion that makes you edge to the end of your seat and clap your hands (it’s ok, I do this!).

i run limited intake consults & 1:1 business coaching per month as well as easier to access Q+A’s - all accessible via my booking calendar. Alternatively feel free to get in CONTACT and let’s see what we can do together.

i’ll be launching tailored digital peer focus groups in mid 2019 as well as local Perth design focussed events throughout the year. if you would like to work together on an in-house event for your business, collaboration or campaign - I’m all ears!


the hood

so you like the look of our neighbourhood and you’re thinking, “I really want to be part of that community”. the good news is - you can.

this space has been curated to ensure that all who are represented come with an industry recommendation, to discern ourselves from a ‘pay to play’ platform. to join you need:

an by invitation from someone within our community. each month our community put forward their suggestions. you know what that means. get working together!! you’ll also need 2 other industry recommendations to support the application.

if it sounds a little tough - I guess it is - but it is designed with you in mind.

we are working together to create greater opportunity for inclusivity but at the same time making sure our valued followers know they receiving the most credible recommends we can give them (leaving their own due diligence the last piece of the puzzle).

not to forget, you get marketed under the Spreading Roomers brand too - which, as you’ve likely come to realise is all about depth, fun, conversation and accessibility to the design industry.

in the meantime, you can also join the private FB group and start getting to know one another.


if you are a brand, product, maker or designer and are NOT a member of our listed community, you can submit an application for collaboration here and I will set about looking creating a new relationship from within.

all applications are taken with due consideration, and a tailored partner recommendation and introduction put forward to ensure you find connection with our process, and our audience find connection with your brand. 

simply hit this link to learn more about how you can CONNECT WITH DESIGN.

a monthly wrap up of ‘handpicked’ local design events..

events can include workshops, launches, education, sales, retail and community.

general listing is free. ‘top 3’ + ‘home page’ listings available.

get in touch to see your event included in our next calendar (please include full details and URL).

the lobby