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When I asked Simon to give me a quick rundown on ‘who’ he is - this is what he said…

“My name is Simon, I’m a Pisces. My favorite colour is black. I like long walks on the beach. And kittens”

There’s literally one in every pack isn’t there? Did I mention he doesn’t love talking about himself? Did I mention he doesn’t take himself too seriously? Those kittens though.

What he meant to say was - “Established in 1999, Hellfire Design is a boutique Landscape Design and Construction company, based in Perth, Western Australia.” That’s 20 years folks. Much better!

As Creative Director; Simon is what I like to call ridiculously multi-faceted. He will work with you to create a unique design, tailored to both your lifestyle and your budget. With a background in Industrial Design, and a strong artistic flair, Simon can create the ultimate space for your new or existing home.

What he forgets to mention is that he is also a dab hand with a spray can (hit his instagram to take a look), and bespoke sculpture - that Industrial Design making itself known all over his projects. It’s incredible really what this guy can do!

Hellfire Design believe that a well designed Landscape will not only enhance your home and lifestyle, but also add so much value to your property. Plus, there’s an edge at play here. HF designs have a certain grit and diversity you don’t typically see in contemporary garden designs these days. They got cred.

In his spare time, Simon loves to hone his street art skills and will basically surf whenever the opportunity arises (which is not as often as he’d like here in #perthwa).

I guess the big question you need to ask yourselves is this - do I want an epic garden that looks nothing like anyone else’s? Welcome to Hellfire.



IMAGE 1: Hellfire for Home Builder Zorzi Feat WG Outdoor Life Pietro ‘Wok’ Bowls.

IMAGE 2: HF x Fremantle Project x The Butcher Shop spray paint.

IMAGE 3 : HF designed Gabion bench seating.

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