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Kimberley tan + Jeff swinyard

Building Design - Studio Atelier

Meet Kim and Jeff. Together they lead a small but passionate team of creatives who believe in elevating the everyday through good design. Welcome to Studio Atelier.

They really understand the importance of having a home that looks good, but more importantly creating spaces that feel great, both inside and out.

And they really do. Popular fixtures during #perthlocal event ‘Open House Perth’ (an event designed to bridge the gap between architectural design and everyday people), Studio Atelier are THAT studio that has the people queueing up for hours just to get a look at ‘how they’d better like to live"‘.

It’s important to note, SA bring a certain energy into each and every space they design which is really difficult to explain - other than it feels both contemporary and comfortable all at the same time; there’s a real ‘positivity’ to it. Dem good vibes are in direct relation to the fact that they are just damn good people too.

“No two projects, families or clients are the same and we love spending time getting to know you and the way you love to live. We’re all about making good design approachable, and the design journey enjoyable.” - Jeff.

“Our key project in West Leederville was the foundations of us working together as husband and wife as well as the first time being in the shoes of the owner. Aside from finding out how our skills compliment one another, we gained a huge appreciation for what its like to be the client.” - Kim

These learnings affect every part of their business to offer you the very best experience possible.



IMAGE 1: Ogilvie House by SA Photography Ridhwaan Moolla Event Open House Perth

IMAGE 2 : North Perth Project by SA Photography Aesthete Collective

IMAGE 3: Mounsey House by SA Photography Ridhwaan Moolla Event Open house Perth