rugs : roomers with Ohh Happy Home.

Because I’m not a designer, when it comes to choosing pieces for the home (in this case rugs) I typically experience far more trial and error than most. I just don't seem to have any natural spacial awareness. I knew I wasn't alone in this, and one of the big reasons why Spreading Roomers is #gettingbehinddesign rather than in front of it, is to share knowledge from our trusted sources to help bring you closer to design. So why not go straight to the curator of the recent campaign for Ohh Happy Home - Siba Interiors and just get some guidelines that we can all appreciate.

Here's little breakdown, room by room on why and how she chose each piece, and what elements of the Ohh range she felt were a ‘must have’ for anyone considering a new rug for the home.

Lounge - Because this is an open plan space with hard flooring it's was important to create a dedicated lounge room area (hence the name ‘area rug’). This is a spot you can really have fun with the texture and add warmth to your home. Tip - Wool is great as it's easy to clean (and I love the texture in these rugs).

DSC_1857 copy.jpg

Kids Bedroom - This blue works perfectly with the softer greys and greens in this boys bedroom. And the flat weave means it's great under a bed or on top of carpet. Also the pattern and the fact that it's 100% wool means it's lower maintenance than other rugs. Tip - don’t be afraid to add pattern.

DSC_1811 copy.jpg

Dining - Not everyone agrees with putting a rug under a dining table but I think if you pick the right rug it's a great way to insulate and/or separate your space. This flat weave is great under a table and the colour and pattern means it will be forgiving of stains. Tip - Make sure it is large enough that when the chairs are pulled out they are sitting on the rug.

DSC_1824 copy.jpg

Mudroom - A round rug is great for a hallway or entry or under a round dining table. It breaks up the space and these are great because they are wool and easy to clean, making them perfect for ‘mud rooms’ and ‘dumping grounds’ ha! Tip - A darker rug will hide stains better in high traffic areas like a hall or kitchen.

DSC_1767 copy.jpg

If you’d like any information on the range of rugs from Ohh Happy Home, you can comment below or contact Amy on

Special thanks to Clare from Gathering Light for capturing the campaign.

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