Thomas & Bianca Atkinson

Exterior Landscaping - Premier Constructed / Premier Concrete

Meet Tom and Bianca. Husband and wife and quickly becoming two of the most recognised faces in the Perth Landscape design industry.

Tom is the major weapon behind Premier Constructed and it’s become really apparent that both his affable nature and 'always on the tools work ethic' is starting to create a bit of a buzz in these parts.

Little wonder. Insert Bianca. The ‘behind the scenes’ mastermind of the business (sorry Tommy, she got the guernsey). With a clear vision for how she wants Premier to be recognised as a brand, and a very passionate driver of the business, it's this union that has allowed them to also bring Premier Concrete to market.

It's no mean feat running two businesses in tandem, even if they are very complimentary to the other, so I asked Bianca, how she best explains the service they provide:

"Premier Constructed & Premier Concrete Perth are a one-stop solution offering an integrated, tailored approach to exterior landscaping services including: landscaping design, project management, construction and decorative concrete."

It's genius really having such a multi-faceted approach and keeping it all under one roof. Not only that, it importantly creates such a smooth and enjoyable experience for the client in the meantime - too easy.

"Our passion is born from a pure love of working outdoors and creating beautiful outdoor spaces individually designed for our customers to enjoy for years to come."

These guys also juggle 2 daughters, so they really get the balance of what's required. The WA lifestyle underpins their whole approach so it's little wonder they are so accessible and family friendly.

Not only have PC got your landscaping solutions in safe hands, but that dodgy driveway & pathway can also get the decorative concrete love at the same time. Good news for any of you sporting a mission brown driveway like mine!



Image 1+ 3 : Project Management | Burswood Photography Life Atlas Photography

Image 2 : Landscape design + decorative concrete | Applecross

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